Ashes Cricket Guide

Here are all the details related to Ashes series i.e.., Historical Rivalry between Australia and England, this is a cricket guide for the people who have many questions in their mind like, What is Ashes? What is the story behind the name ‘Ashes’? When it all started?

What is ‘Ashes’?

Ashes is a 5-match test series between England and Australia, which started after a historical victory of Australia against England for the first time on English soil on 29th August 1882, then an article is posted in ‘Sporting Times’ to troll England Cricket saying that England Cricket is cremated & the ashes will be carried to Australia, since then Ashes is considered as the most prestigious series in the Cricket History.

What is the prize for the winners?

The prize is Ashes which are placed in an urn, that is what exactly two teams are playing for.

Which country is more successful so far?

Out of 70 series happened since 1882, 5 were ended in a draw, Australia has a slight edge so far, and also coming to individual matches Austalia has won 134, England 106, whereas 90 ended in a draw.

Who are the key players in the current squads?

In current squads, Australia has two key players David Warner & Steve Smith back in their squad after a 1-year ban due to the Ball-tampering issue against South Africa in 2018. On the other side, England have Joe Root (England Skipper) in good form, and World Cup hero Ben Strokes is in good touch, now coming to the bowlers James Anderson & Stuart Broad are key bowlers for England, Pat Cummins & Mitchell Starc are for Australia.

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