ECB delays professional cricket in England and Wales at least up to May 28

The cricket board of England (ECB) has recently announced that there would be no matches being conducted until May 28. The call was taken (on 20 March) in view of the coronavirus pandemic that has been worsening the world’s situation day-by-day. So, the board hereby declares chances of revising schedules to start the season in June, July and August.

ECB Chief Executive Officer, Tom Harrison, said: “The decision to delay the start of the season has been essential, given the circumstances the nation faces. With the information available to us at the moment a delay to the start of the professional cricket season until May 28 was unavoidable.

This also allows us time to keep pace with a fast-moving situation and continue to plan for how a revised season might look. Critically, we can also remain as flexible and adaptable as possible, within the obvious restrictions we face. Securing the future of the game will be a primary focus as we plot a revised schedule with an emphasis on the most financially important forms of the game for the counties across international and domestic cricket.”


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