Scotland's Majid Haq tests positive over coronavirus

Majid Haq, who’s former Scotland offspinner, has made a tweet that he is recovering after testing positive for COVID-19. This 37-year-old Scottish player posted the news on Friday morning that he was being treated at Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) in the Paisley area of Glasgow.

The UK government’s dedicated NHS web site has been revealing Coronavirus information including cases and reports at regular intervals. The latest report says there were 266 confirmed cases of the virus in Scotland as of 9.00 am on March 19, part of 3,269 confirmed cases across the whole of the United Kingdom.

While all the international cricket boards are serious on preventing the spread of COVID-19, both Cricket Scotland and the ECB have been implementing measures. The boards have announced this week that recreational cricket would be suspended indefinitely. Few cricketers from the counties in the UK have already been under self-isolation since the Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic.

@MajidHaq – Tweets on Twitter

“Looking forward to potentially getting back home today after testing positive with Coronavirus,” Haq tweeted. “Staff at the RAH in Paisley have been good to me & thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of support. Insha Allah the Panther will be back to full health soon. #covid19UK”


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