Cricket Mankading Guide

Mankading is considered as one of the most controversial rules of Cricket, firstly mankading is nothing but bowler hitting the wickets before bowling if the non-striker crosses his crease before releasing the ball. This is rule has created many debates & discussions among cricket followers throughout the world.

Mankading is named after former Indian bowler Vinod Mankad as he dismissed Bill Brown two times in match against Australia in 1947, and this act was supported by that Australian team captain Don Bradman, which created a criticism on Bradman for supporting Vinod Mankad, and many cricket fans & followers felt it as un-sportsmanship to do mankading.

So why mankading has become such a trending thing in the cricketing world now? this is just because of one man Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, coming to the point in IPL 2019 during a match between Rajasthan Royals & Kings XI Punjab, Ashwin dismissed Jos Buttler by mankading, which got multiple responses from the cricket fans.

This mankading rule got gradually updated since 1947 after the Vinod Mankad incident, if bowler tries to mankade and if it is successful or not it is considered as a dead ball by the umpire. Ashwin got support from many cricketing legends like Kapil Dev & Rahul Dravid as it is in rules book, but Rahul Dravid said that he would give a warning to a non-striker first time if he tries to cross the crease, anyways now the younger generation cricketers must keep an eye on bowlers if they are in non-strikers end to avoid mankading.

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