Mohammed Shami reveals that constant practice is important even during lockdown

It’s been over 3 months since many Indian players were seen active at nets. The Indian pacer Mohammed Shami reveals some facts about fitness that need to be maintained always. Shami said that he got constant training at his ancestral home in Sahaspur. He had a mini-cricket ground with all the facilities for net practice.

The 29-year old speedster reckons that the COVID-19 lockdown has broken down the practice activities and play. This might bring serious concerns on normal play, once the play resumes and bowlers may not be able to perform with full swing, he said. This pacer was able to manage practice, his co-players who stay at non-metro areas might not be able to do so, he added.

Furthermore, Shami is much concerned about the ban of saliva in international matches. He stated that inculcating the new practice of not using saliva is the only alternative. However he said there may or may not be a reverse swing without saliva.


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