super over cricket

Super Over is one of the most interesting aspects of the game, this Super Over has become very popular after ICC World Cup final thriller between England & New Zealand, this guide helps you in understanding the Super Over clearly without any confusions.

Firstly a Super Over is a single-over eliminator, which is a method to decide the winner in limited-over formats if a match is tied. In a Super Over each team will face 6 balls, and whichever team scores more runs in the 6 balls will be considered as the winner, and bowling team will select one bowler to bowl the Super Over and batting team has only two wickets with them unlike ten wickets in a normal game, and also the second batting side will bat first in the Super Over, fielding restrictions will be same as the final over of the innings. DRS applies in this Super Over also, hence each team is allowed for one unsuccessful review.

What if Super Over scores are level?

This is the case which occurred in the mighty World Cup final 2019 between England and New Zealand where both England & New Zealand have managed to score 241 runs each in their respective innings, which lead to a Super Over, and again both teams have scored 15 runs their 6 balls, but however England is declared as the World Cup winner due to Super Over technicality. If both the teams score equal runs in the Super Over also then the boundary count of both teams in their respective innings including the boundaries scored in the Super Over is taken into consideration, whichever team scores more boundaries will be declared as the winner.

What if both teams managed to get equal boundaries?

In a situation of both the teams scoring the equal boundaries, the team which scores more boundaries in their respective innings(ignoring Super Over) is declared as the winner.

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