T20 Cricket Guide

Twenty-Twenty Cricket format is the shortest Internal cricket format which has 20 overs on each side, which is played under one-day format rules & regulations. T20 format cricket is considered as the whole new-ball game which makes the game more interesting & furious. This young & new cricket format has managed to bring a new set of audience to the game.

In the present generation, which has no time to relax and watch longer formats of cricket are enjoying this new furious T20 format as it lasts for only 3-hours, this format is a very huge benefit for the broadcasters & ad promoters, as this format brings huge crowds to the stadium & also gives huge TRPs through television. The rules of the game have been kept on evolving as the game is played more.

The T20 format has been a huge benefit for the young cricketers who are interested to invest their future in cricket, many national cricketing managements are testing their young talents through T20 format itself, and few countries like India, Pakistan & Australia have also started their internal T20 leagues which are a huge benefit for the young cricketers, brand promotors, broad-casters, etc,…

Main T20 Cricket Rules:

  1. There are 20 overs per each side.
  2. Each bowler can bowl 4 over only(maximum)
  3. Field Restrictions are applicable for 1-6 overs in which only two players are allowed outside the circle.
  4. Field Restrictions are applicable for 7-20 overs in which a maximum of 5 fielders are allowed outside the circle.
  5. A no-ball will lead to free-hit including extra run.
  6. Each side will be provided a maximum of 80 minutes to complete their 20 overs.
  7. There is a 15-minutes innings break.

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