Cricket Third umpire Guide

The third umpire is nothing but the TV umpire who refers to the video replays of the incidents to be reviewed & gives the correct decision as per the replay. The third umpire will be consulted by the on-field umpire in the case of any doubt regarding the decision, such as runouts, most of the runouts cannot be judged directly, so to get the accurate decision, the on-field umpire will consult the third-umpire.

Third umpire concept was introduced by former Srilankan domestic cricketer & cricket writer Mahinda Wijesinghe, and the third umpire concept was introduced in a test match in 1992, the first batsman who got out by a third umpire decision was Sachin Tendulkar.

Third umpire duties:

  • To give accurate decisions for run-outs, which cannot be decided in real-time.
  • To give accurate decisions for stumpings.
  • When a batsman is out, the third umpire will check if the ball is legal delivery or a no-ball.
  • To check if the catches are cleanly taken or grounded by checking different video angles.
  • To check if the fielder touched the boundary rope while saving a boundary for his team by checking different video angles.

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